100 Word Challenge Week #13

It was 6:30 pm, we had just learned a new jazz dance. We were done one quarter and it was just a mess. Everyone's turns were wobbly and we couldn't land them. And our kicks, we had bent knees and our hips weren't square. But our jumps were litterly the worst. We would leave at 9:30 so we had 3 hours left. The whole class wasn't even trying but they were exhausted. But I was putting so much effort and I wasn't even tried. All of a sudden at 7:30, everyone left but me. I don't where everyone went but I was alone.

Week #3 100 Word Challenge

I had finally made it to the bike race of my dreams. This took 9 months to train for and I was ready. I had to bike from BC to Saskatchewan. I drove all the way to the start place in Kelowna. I needed to rush to the start line as I only had 5 minutes to stretch until the race had started. The race finally started and I was ahead of everyone. then after a hour in my bike felt like it was slowing down, but it seemed to be going backwards!, now, everything was going backwards! What is happening!